Thursday, January 11, 2007

In an attempt to remain true to my beliefs, I write this. That the state of the world, And the history of our country is a traumatic and terrible one. Echoing with the two faced nature of men To dismember the hopes lives of others To achieve temporal supremacy for themselves. Acting against what I believe, And what many regard as what is just and right, The American government and capitalist profiteers, Acting in accordance with this two faced principle, Set in motion reactionary chains of events For the maintenance of their own domination And control of the post WWII World By supporting deplorable acts across the globe. Assassination, genocide, Starvation and terrorization All under the public cover of Diplomacy, Political Efficacy, And spreading “Democracy” More closely resembling foreign government supported action In accordance with the United States, For the profit of American investors To install governments, Democratic, fascist, or otherwise For the management, manipulation, and direct control over the flow of resources and public assets. Achievement by relentless and effective support of Anti-Public Or what has been called “communist” or “Social Reform”) organizations, Militias to overthrow such governments already in place, And to generally make complacent any sovereign nation In any region of the world That desires to act outside of the long-arm of America. This clandestine form of Imperialism has been, In effect, Completely swayed and maneuvered around By the Media in this country Like any powerful government with skeletons in it’s closet, Governments exercise almost omnipotent control over what is aired, Written, or otherwise communicated. All I ask is to look at what you see in this world: What the television decides to air To disregard what you have accepted as fact, What institutions have taught you What you might claim as coincidence; What “Tolerable” means What a Just and Democratic end is And that it has yet to arrive Despite the supposed battle for Freedom and democracy in nearly every country in the entire world; For just a few moments stop using your head, and use your heart. Is genocide acceptable in any circumstance? Are Militias, Death squads and secret police really the path to a safer, peaceful tomorrow? Do not remain apathetic and unmoved I cannot say that we as a people are not to blame for allowing this. We have a rare opportunity in this country to manipulate our government, But we are complacent We deny ourselves what is given to us by the constitution One vote, And if you believe, one vote cannot make a difference, Then get up and convince another, And if that doesn’t suit you Share what you feel with still more. If having to convince another is too much hassle, Then exercise the only right you really have Act Speak your mind, Do not allow this devastating Cynicism to destroy more innocent people You will never meet, in some dilapidated part of the world; We have a responsibility in being powerful to be human, To not let countless un-named and unrecorded lives go on ending Unnoticed and unapologetically. If not, There is just nothing more to us than the Be-all end-all in money, comfort, and our own ease of mind And so the cock-crows Good morning,

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